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Baseball players are back on the diamonds in Manitoba

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: June 12, 2020 11:08

Baseball Manitoba looking to start playing games July 1st

Image: Baseball Manitoba

Several sports in Manitoba were recently given the green light to return to practicing and holding tryouts including Baseball. But like everything else during COVID-19, players and coaches will need to obey health guidelines.

Baseball Manitoba's Jason Miller says physical distancing will be important, "Where players sit or wait until its their turn to play, they'll have to be six feet apart, so the dugout will only be used by a small portion of players and coaches." 

When it comes to the actual game itself, there wont be many changes but, Miller says there are a few health guidelines that'll take some getting use to, "No sunflower seeds, no chewing gum, no spitting, no your licking fingers are going to be the big ones people will need to adjust to before the start of competition."

One of the big question surrounding the return to the game is about the baseball itself, how often will it be sanitized, and will be switched out after every play. Miller says they will not be cleaned during games or practices, "We're putting the focus on sanitizing the hands and not licking out fingers, and limiting the amount of times we touch our face."

Baseball Manitoba hopes to get everyone up to speed by July 1st when the first pitches get tossed out, however provincial championships ill not be taking place this year. The full return to play document can be found on the link below.

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