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Brandon's historic downtown firehall to become events venue

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: October 16, 2020 10:14

'The Firehall' shooting for mid-December open house

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There was much sadness when Brandon's Prairie Firehouse Restaurant closed, but the historic building, constructed in 1911, won't be empty for much longer. 

It'll soon reopen as "The Firehall", an events venue geared towards weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate gatherings. 

Businesswoman Heather Day says they're shooting for a mid-December open house to showcase the venue's remodelling, which she says will restore the building to it's former glory. "We're trying to take it back to period style with empire chandeliers and Victorian style furnishings," says Day. "14 chandeliers are being imported right now, and all the decor, so both floors will be renovated."

She says there are two areas, the Hay Loft, where they used to store hay for the horses, between the first and second floors. "The current owners put in a new staircase, so it opened up that space for a private dining room; the capacity up there is 50. If a bride was going to rent the whole place, all inclusive, they would get ready there - there's a lounge and mirrors."

Day says they would then head to the main floor "which is called the Engine Room, to have their wedding ceremony, then back up for cocktail hour, and back down for the reception, so they can have use of the whole space from 6:00 am to 1:00 am - that's the ultimate use for this space." She also says the rooms can also be booked separately; the Engine Room has a capacity of 250, with 50 for the Hay Loft. 

The venue will also feature three exclusive caterers, who clients will deal with directly for menus and pricing. Day says if you have questions about "The Firehall" you can ask them on their website (a link is available below) - and they're also looking to hire a full-time co-ordinator. 

"The Firehall" is located at 637 Princess Avenue in Brandon. 

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