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CHL Cancels Memorial Cup...Again

By: Branden Crowe
Posted: April 13, 2021 12:31

Citing Covid-19 Concerns

The Canadian Hockey League has officially cancelled the 2021 Memorial Cup. This marks the second consecutive season that the CHL will not hand out it's top trophy. 
“The CHL is committed to the health and safety of our players, their families and billets, our teams, staff and officials, and the communities in which we play. That has driven all of our difficult decisions for the last year as we have dealt with this global pandemic,” said CHL President Dan MacKenzie. “The decision was made based on the limitations on travel, border restrictions, and quarantining requirements that would make it impossible to produce league champions.”
The Memorial Cup is steeped in tradition and is one of the most difficult trophies to win in all of sport. The CHL looks forward to presenting it next season to the championship club that has earned the right to hoist it.
Further decisions regarding the timing and location of the 2022 Memorial Cup will be announced at a later date.

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