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Evacuated residents from Red Sucker Lake head back home

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: July 27, 2021 05:00

About 100 people with health concerns due to wildfires had been staying in Brandon

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In Brandon, residents from Red Sucker Lake headed back home Monday (July 26) - about 100 people with health concerns due to the wildfires and smoke fled to the city last week.

In a news release the Canadian Red Cross says, "The other group of more than 100 Red Sucker Lake members, who have been staying in Winnipeg, are slated to fly back to their home community Tuesday (July 27). The Red Cross is coordinating all flights back to the community. The evacuated people from Red Sucker Lake were all individuals with health concerns and their supports. 

The evacuated people from the other four First Nations, Pauingassi First Nation, Little Grand Rapids First Nation, Bloodvein First Nation and Berens River First Nation, are still out of their homes, staying in hotels in Winnipeg and Brandon. There is no timeline yet for returning home for these four First Nations.

The response is part of an agreement between the Canadian Red Cross and the federal government to provide all disaster assistance to First Nations in Manitoba. The Red Cross team provides lodging, meals, registration, and personal services to all of the evacuated people.

The Canadian Red Cross team is following COVID-19 health protocols and guidelines in delivering support to people."

The Canadian Red Cross noted they're currently supporting more than 2,500 individuals who have had to evacuate from the five First Nations in Manitoba. 

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