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Everyone accounted for after Valleyview condo fire in Brandon

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: September 23, 2021 07:52

Work now underway to help out the evacuees

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There's still no official cause of Tuesday's massive fire that destroyed the Valleyview apartment complex on Pacific Avenue in Brandon, but the good news is everyone made it out safely.

The City of Brandon says it's now assessing the needs of the evacuated residents of the building, and directing them to appropriate agencies if they need assistance. The city sent out a message Wednesday (Sept 22) to urge you pause getting donations together."

The release said "We have been seeing several requests from the kind residents of Brandon on what/how they can donate to the persons who have been displaced due to the downtown fire last night. We are still assessing the needs and are working with other community supports on how we can address any immediate or future needs. 

Please hold off on donating any specific items at this time until the situations are further assessed. Either the City or other Community Supports will notify what donations may be needed, and the best way to donate them at a later date."

The United Way, however, is taking cash donations to purchase gift cards for agencies to distribute. 

48 people were affected by the fire. 

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