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Fence on Brandon's Waverly Drive getting lots of hate

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: January 15, 2020 09:01

It was installed to keep people off the train tracks

Inage: romafencegroup.com

Is this someone's shortcut? That might be a reason for all the hate directed at a fence.

The city installed the barrier on Waverly Drive to stop people from crossing the train tracks, which could prove fatal, but in the past month it's been knocked down..repeatedly.

The issue came up at City Hall when councillor John LoRegio advised that the fence, recently installed between 72 Waverly Drive and 76 Waverly Drive to prevent pedestrians from crossing the train tracks, had been removed by an area resident within 24 hours of installation.  

He asked that a stronger fence be installed - and wanted to know if Brandon Police Service could conduct surveillance in this area, prior to and right after school, as it appeared the removal of the fence was happening during those times. 

The City says it'll now construct a stronger fence - and put up signage indicating no trespassing.

Brandon Police says they'll also will keep a closer eye on the barrier to make sure this one stays up. 

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