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Gas Bar Prices Jumped Yesterday... However, One Did Not

By: Chip
Posted: April 17, 2021 08:56

Gas goes up $0.12/litre making it 127.9-a-litre but the Waywayseecappo Gas Bar will remain at 115.9 all weekend!

Gas Pump

Gas Bar prices around Brandon have jumped $0.12/litre to 127.9-a-litre! However, there is one Gas Bar that has kept its prices at 115.9. Waywayseecappo Gas Bar just North of Brandon announced on Facebook that they will be keeping their price at 115.9 all weekend!

They will also be selling tickets for the First Nations Rink To Riches lotto where they will be giving away a total of $170,000! You can also buy tickets online by Clicking Here

While you gas up keep an eye out for Ally today as she'll be on location TODAY from 11-7

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