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If a COVID-19 vaccine were available now - 12% of us would not take it

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: July 9, 2020 08:08

Poll also found 26% of us do not trust the Public Health Agency of Canada

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If there was a COVID-19 vaccine right now, 12% of Canadians would NOT take it - but Statistics Canada says 68% would get immunized.

The poll also found about 39% of us have little trust in the federal government, while 26% don't trust the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Dr. Scott Halperin, director of microbiology at Dalhousie University’s Canadian Centre for Vaccinology, says more than 20% of Canadians routinely hesitate to get vaccinated.

He says a lot of effort has gone into trying to understand the anti-vaccination movement.

The Public Health Agency has yet to meet an 80% target for flu immunization, with only 29% of working-age Canadians getting a yearly influenza shot.

The Stats-Canada report can viewed at the link below. 

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