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It's 'Moderna Walk-in Week' at Brandon Keystone Centre

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: June 21, 2021 08:45

PMH says clinic will run Noon to 2:00 pm until Saturday

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Prairie Mountain Health says it's 'Moderna Walk-in Week'.

You can get the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination Monday to Saturday between Noon and 2:00 pm at the Brandon Keystone Centre Supersite (enter off of 13th Street). This is in addition to the booked Pfizer appointments. The walk in times are for both 1st or 2nd dose eligible Manitobans.

PMH says "First dose clients will be prioritized for walk-ins, but we also welcome those who qualify for a second dose. You must meet the eligibility criteria and minimum time between doses for the first or second dose to access walk-in service.

Clients will be first come, first served from Noon to 2 pm. Please look for signage at the supersite indicating the walk-in line or the appointment line.

First dose eligibility:

-Moderna vaccine 1st dose eligibility is 18 years and older.
-Pfizer vaccine 1st dose eligibility is 12 years and older.
-Anyone who received a first dose of AstraZeneca is eligible to receive a second dose of Moderna, provided they meet provincial eligibility criteria for their second dose.

Second-dose vaccine walk- in eligibility:

-If you meet the criteria AND the minimum time between doses which is 28 days for all vaccines. Second dose eligibility changes frequently. Please visit
https://manitoba.ca/covid19/vaccine/eligibility-criteria.html#second-dose for most up-to-date criteria.

Current Eligibility Criteria as of June 18 (changes often)

• Received their 1st dose on or before May 23
• Indigenous peoples ages 18 and up for Moderna or 12+ for Pfizer
• People with priority health conditions (i.e. receiving hemodialysis, liver cirrhosis, severe heart failure, received or to receive solid organ transplant, receiving chemotherapy etc.)Prairie Mountain Health Public Service Announcement 

To view the list of health conditions, visit: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/eligibility-criteria.html 

Consent forms are required for both doses. Please bring forms to appointments. 

-To download the consent form, visit https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/resources.html 

-Copies of the consent forms are also available at PMH Health Care facilities and PMH community town & RM offices for pick up.

If you have made arrangements to get your vaccine at a different time, please remember to cancel your original appointment by calling 1-844-626-8222.

A reminder to those attending Vaccine Clinics:

• Bring your completd consent form required for both doses
• Wear a short-sleeve shirt and mask
• Do not attend if you are experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms. If you are sick, please call 
1-844-626-8222 to cancel your appointment.
• Do not attend if you have been out of the province in the last 14 days.


All Manitobans aged 12 and up who have received at least one dose of vaccine by August 2nd will be eligible for the first draw. All Manitobans aged 12 and up who have received two doses by September 6th will be eligible for the second draw.

More on the lottery visit: https://protectmb.ca/lottery 

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