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Keystone Centre Grounds to get facelift

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: November 8, 2019 12:33

Walkways, pavilions and picnic shelters some of the amenities

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Back in 2015 - the city identified the Keystone Centre grounds as a possible "Central Park-like" area - and steps have now been taken by the Centre's board to get it going.

Brandon City Councillor Bruce Luebke says they'd start in the southeast corner by adding amenities like new walkways, picnic shelters, pavilions and washrooms.

"And the other part of that is to make the area a little bit more accessible to the public. Right now, there's a fenced perimeter around the Keystone Centre grounds, so part of the idea is to allow more public access to the grounds, to use the area like you would a city park", he says.

The focus of Phase 2 would be on the northside of the grounds.

"We're hoping that maybe there would be an agricultural aspect to the green space there, maybe a campground, or enhancing the current campground that's already there," says Luebke.

He says Phase 3 would fix up the southwest corner.

But before any work can get underway, Luebke says staff will need to secure funding.

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