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Make any mistakes raising the kids?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: January 14, 2020 08:11

New survey says you'll make about 4,000 before they leave home

Image: infoforfamilies.com

How many mistakes do you think you've made raising your kids? 

A new survey has found parents commit almost 4,000 'parenting mishaps' before their child moves out of the house, that's an average of 221 a year.

What was the top parenting 'faux pas?' - allowing children to have too much screen time (65 percent,) followed by accidentally teaching children swear words (42 percent) - and letting children watch something that wasn't age appropriate (39 percent.)

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, the survey revealed that children are the most challenging to handle at age 6, and parents should watch out for their youngest - they’re the most likely to cause trouble.

Despite that - 50-percent of parents also admitted their youngest child is their favorite.

With all the trouble little ones can get into, sometimes parents need a break from the chaos. They were willing to give up quite a bit, if it meant their child would be perfectly behaved. Three in 10 would give up social media, while others were willing to sacrifice wine (30 percent) or Netflix (26 percent).

When they need parenting advice, those surveyed turn first to their partner (42 percent), then to their mother (41 percent) or to other parents (31 percent.)

Today’s modern parent also utilizes technology, with 17 percent of parents using the internet and almost 10 percent looking toward social media for parenting advice.

"Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and one that you truly can’t prepare for," said Jeanne Collins, Vice President of Marketing at Prestige Consumer Healthcare

Overall, it’s about embracing, not judging, the community of parents around you. In fact, surveyed parents agreed that the trend they’d most like to see go away in 2020 is mom shaming (64 percent).

And when first becoming a parent, respondents were most surprised by the lack of sleep new parents get (50 percent), how hard it can be to get a new baby to fall asleep (37 percent) and the amount of stuff a baby comes with (31 percent.)

The majority of parents (54 percent) agreed the 'authoritative parenting style was most effective' - being sensitive and responsive to children’s needs, while maintaining sternness.

"The beauty of modern parenting is that we can all connect on the fact that no one has it all together," said Collins."Not only is it about laughing through the little mishaps that happen along the way, but also finding solutions that uniquely work for you as a parent 'that’s what our brand is all about.'

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