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Minnedosa declares state of emergency due to flooding

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: July 1, 2020 17:34

Many roads and bridges in Westman have been damaged by high water

Image: Minnedosa flooding - courtesy of Amber Seitz

Minnedosa has been dealing with unprecedented flooding, caused by several days of severe thunderstorms, and has declared a state of emergency - this also includes the surrounding municipality of Minto-Odanah.

Tuesday night, 84 people were forced from their homes by high water, and the downtown was also hard hit where Mayor Pat Skatch says sand-bagging was taking place.

"Young people came and they were sandbagging; delivering those sand bags in the rain and were out there until after 2:00 am," says Skatch. "We've got people phoning in and asking how they can help - the community is pulling together."

She says the main street in the downtown is lined with sandbags right now, and many businesses and homes are dealing with flooded basements. 

Skatch is hoping for provincial disaster aid in helping Minnedosa with the clean-up, she says will probably take the rest of the summer. 


Neepawa has also declared a state of emergency, and those declarations continue for many other municipalities in Westman.

In the R-M of Elton - which includes Forrest and Douglas, and in Oakview - which includes Rapid City and Oak River - all roads are closed to everyone but local residents.

Officials also caution that bridges may look safe - but may not be safe to cross.

If you need sandbags or sand - you're asked to check their social media sites for locations. 

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