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Province announces additional $2M for Dine-In Restaurant Relief Program

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: April 16, 2021 15:04

Program extended to rural restaurants and catering companies impacted by COVID-19 restrictions

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The Manitoba government is investing has announced an additional $2 million to expand the Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program. 

Economic Development and Jobs Minister Ralph Eichler says the province's restaurant industry has made significant sacrifices during the pandemic, "This expansion of the Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program will support restaurants in rural Manitoba and the catering industry, and we will continue to work with our business community and partners to identify industry needs during this challenging time and help offset expenses created by the pandemic."

The Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program was designed to provide a rebate to dine-in restaurants that shifted to a delivery model due to public health restrictions. The program helps offset costs related to delivery services, whether a restaurant provides its own delivery service or uses a third-party delivery company.

The initial program launched in January 2021, and to date, 513 applications have been approved. As of March 31, approximately $4 million in rebates have been allocated, primarily in Winnipeg. 

Under this expanded program, restaurants in rural Manitoba and catering businesses that did not have established delivery models or that experienced significant revenue declines will be able to apply for a financial rebate based on their decline in revenue compared to pre-pandemic sales.

For more information and to apply for the Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program, restaurants throughout Manitoba are encouraged to visit Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program - Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

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