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Virden RCMP looking for boy after mysterious phone call

By: Brayden Hnatiuk
Posted: October 26, 2020 15:26

Four-year-old called the Virden Health Centre saying he needed a doctor

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Virden RCMP are investigating a report that a four-year-old boy had called the Virden Health Centre last Thursday (Oct 22) saying he needed a doctor.

Officers say the boy identified himself as Jason. Jason told the employee at the clinic that he was home with his mom, who was asleep, and his younger brother Hayden, who could be heard crying in the background. He said that he lives by a school and train tracks. Jason further stated that he had an injury on his toe, but he did not appear to be in distress.

When asked by medical staff if he could wake up his mother, Jason said he could not. They then asked Jason go to a neighbour's house to get assistance. They heard Jason get in his winter clothes, walk outside in the snow and knock on two doors, but nobody answered. The medical staff then asked him if his mom had a car and what was the licence plate number, but the call was disconnected, and it had come from a blocked number.

RCMP say they followed up every lead, knocking on dozens of doors, including an entire apartment building, but nobody knew of Jason or his brother Hayden. Schools have been contacted, medical charts have been examined by health centre staff to see if anyone who attends the clinic fits that description.

At this time, RCMP are not sure what community Jason is from. Investigators have enlisted the help of Manitoba First Nations Police Service to assist in locating Jason to ensure his and his family's well-being.

If you have any information that can assist police in this matter, please contact Virden RCMP at 204-748-2046

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