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Were BU nursing students the victims of a 'lazy' prof?

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: January 12, 2020 09:34

Test questions may have come from publicly available online study guide

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Last week, we heard a large number of second-year nursing students at Brandon University may have been caught cheating on a final exam - BU stated the test was "compromised" and was investigating.

A new report now indicates the teacher may have used an online study guide, which is public and available to students, to create questions for the exam.

Last Friday, the students were scheduled to retake the exam.

Q Country News has reached out to Brandon University for comment on what its next steps will be in regards to the students, the professor and any possible policy changes.  

Here's the Brandon University statement emailed to Q Country last Thursday, Nov. 9th:

"Brandon University is committed to maintaining academic integrity.

The value of every BU degree is built on meeting a common standard of knowledge and behaviour. Integrity is especially critical in a field like health care, where trust relationships are central.

Recently, Brandon University learned that a final exam in a nursing class was compromised by a large number of students. Academic dishonesty is always subject to penalties on a scale appropriate to the level of the infraction, possibly including a grade of F and a permanent mark of Academic Dishonesty on a student's transcript.

Given the circumstances of this particular case, BU has worked with the faculty member, the students' union, and the students in the class to fairly and appropriately deal with this serious infraction.

All students in the class will be offered a chance to repeat the exam, with a maximum grade of 70%. Students will also have the opportunity to appeal this individually through the standard appeals process.

This will allow each student the time to pursue a grade that fits their own circumstances while not holding back the entire cohort from second-term classes. Academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, is not new, nor is it unique to Brandon University.

We are thankful for the vigilance and ethics of those who brought this case forward, and we are exploring ways to continue a dialogue that will address academic dishonesty in general, and today's technological challenges in particular."

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