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Applications can now be submitted for fire pit permits in Brandon

By: Q Country/Star FM News
Posted: March 21, 2023 07:12

All new fire pit permit applications now require a one-time $20 application fee

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Brandon Fire & Emergency Services says fire pit permit applications can now be submitted online via https://permits.brandon.ca/CityViewPortal/ 

The new process allows residents to select the type of outdoor burning appliance that they would like to see installed in their backyard, including: 

- Fire Pit 
- Outdoor Fireplace 
- Portable Fire Pit 
- Stationary Built-In BBQ* 
- Stove 

Once the appropriate outdoor burning appliance is selected, residents are asked to select their address from a drop-down list, upload a sketch of their yard, and complete the application. https://www.brandon.ca/images/fire/pdf/2023_Fire_Pit_Sketch.pdf 

Effective January 1, 2023, all new fire pit permit applications require a one-time $20 application fee, as set out in the City of Brandon Fee Schedule. Those with an approved permit do not need to re-apply for an existing fire pit or pay the one-time application fee. A new application is only required if there has been a change in information from the original application or in property ownership.  

Once an applicant has successfully completed their application online, a notification email will be sent with payment instructions. Once payment is completed, a member from Brandon Fire & Emergency Services will arrange an on-site visit with the applicant, where final approval is given. More information on the City of Brandon Online Permits Information is available on https://brandon.ca/  

Alternative arrangements for online fire pit permit applications can be made by contacting Brandon Fire & Emergency Services at fire@brandon.ca or 204-729-2400. 

*Portable BBQ's do not require a fire pit permit application.  

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