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Maskless Manitoba premier photographed at Toronto airport

By: Harry Callaghan
Posted: July 8, 2020 03:35

Brian Pallister says it was a mistake - won't happen again

Image: Appears to show Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister at Pearson Airport - courtesy Twitter/@loxyisme

Images of Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister with Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer not wearing mandatory masks at Toronto’s Pearson airport is making the rounds on social media.

Two pics Tuesday show Pallister, Scheer, and two others sitting in the departure lounge not wearing masks - but it appears the group is social distancing.

Pallister reportedly said yesterday he lifted his mask to join some friends in conversation. "It was error and won’t happen again".

A spokesperson for Scheer said the photos must have been taken after Scheer took off his mask to take a call, before putting it back on.

Masks were made mandatory at Canada's airports back in April to try and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile - the number of us wearing masks everytime we leave the house jumped to 48% in June from 14% in May.

A new poll by Research Co. found Canadian women were more likely wear a mask at 57% - compared to 39% for men.

And as for taking a possible COVID-19 vaccine - 3-out-of-4 Canadians say - "here's my arm!"

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