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There's a prediction gas prices are set to jump again by this weekend

By: Q Country/Star FM News
Posted: March 30, 2023 08:02

April 1st is when the federal government's updated carbon tax takes effect

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There's a report we could see gas prices rise again this weekend - and jump even higher in the coming weeks.

Dan McTeague, whose company Canadians for Affordable Energy operates GasWizard.ca, says the updated carbon tax kicks in on April 1st - and with the GST - the price of regular is expected to increase by 3.26-cents-a-litre, and for diesel, about 4.2-cents.

McTeague also says by the middle of April, when stations begin using summer blends, the price at the pumps could climb by another 4 or 5-cents-a-litre. He says summer blend gasolines use alkylates, which cost around four to five cents more than butane.

He also says it's unlikely we'll get a break this summer. McTeague says we shouldn't anticipate the price coming down at all, and that prices will hover between the 160 to 175-cents-per litre range.

Currently in Brandon, the average price is 1.53.9-a-litre.

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