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Leanne Doty

Leanne Doty

Leanne was born and raised in Portage La Prairie. She later went on to study Communications at Red River Community College, as well as majored in sarcasm in her dad’s garage. She was a bartender in a past life before she set anchor at CKLQ AM (now Q Country AM/FM) back in 1982. Over her 35 years of immaculate hosting, Leanne has received awards from the Canadian Country Music Association for Music Director of The Year and from the Manitoba Country Music Association for Radio Personality of The Year! She was also our on-air host during the flip to Q Country 91.5 FM in April 2017!

Leanne is a single mom with two kids; her husband Ed and son Jordan. She mostly travels to and from work, but her favorite destination is Las Vegas. She enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to blues and jazz, and might have an enormous crush on Michael Bublé. She doesn’t like sandwiches, but she’ll order a vodka & Southern Comfort, and put it on your tab. You’ll find her in the Q Country control booth or around Westman at various music events, promoting artists from around the globe.


Would you rather only be able to use a fork or only be able to use a spoon?

Definitely a spoon - I hate dropping and spilling things!

You're only allowed to eat 3 things for the rest of your life. Name them!

Pizza, Popcorn & my Mom's roast beef.

What would you do if you found a penguin in the freezer?

Keep him! Cause who DOESN'T want a pet penguin.