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11 Smells You Love or Hate

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: October 27, 2020 03:40

What Smells Do You Love... or Hate?

What Smells Do You Love... or Hate?

What Smells Do You Love... or Hate?

     Yesterday was a long day. We all have them and I certainly don't begrudge the fact that I GET to go to work every day, some people don't and would like that very much. 

     As I stepped over the threshold of our little Home, I was hit with a wave of Warm and Buttery Nostalgia. A certain heavy smell permeated the house that instantly transported me to Saturdays watching Football with my Dad or Friday nights renting a stack of Movies from Blockbuster with Friends. 

                                                           Fresh Buttery Popcorn and Beer. I was Home.

     Smell and taste are intrically linked in our Brains and can elicit some of our most powerful feelings and memories.

 Here is a LIST of smells you either love... or hate.

French Vanila

One person who doesn't like this type of smell described it as "thick." Maybe frosting-thick? I like to sniff gasoline and chlorine, so who am I to make assumptions.

New Car. 

What do you smell when you get inside a brand-new whip? Chemicals, of course.

"Anything that is vinyl or plastic -- the foam lamination on the seat surface, the plastic on the dash or on the door panel -- it's the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) coming out of them that causes that smell," Toyota color and trim manager Janis Ambrose Shard told Gizmodo. 

Pine Needles

Some people can't stand the smell of pine needles. What's at the root of their disdain for the unofficial scent of Christmas?


Hey, I didn't create this list, I just compiled it.innamon.


What can I say? I find this particular smell to be very overpowering.


Benzene, one of the ingredients in gasoline, has a sweet and aromatic smell that entices the nostrils.

Benzene's a bit dangerous, though, which is why the CDC regulates how much of it is used in our everyday products. 


Some call it hippie nonsense (me), while others love a good incense burning.







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