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Leanne Doty

Be Safe On Those Winter Roads

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: November 26, 2020 09:00

I Hate To Admit It But My Brother Was Right

Photo courtesy of Canva

This time of year when the weather can be dicey I have learned to make sure if I have to hit the road for any reason that I have a plethora of safety items in my trunk - just in case.  I remember many years ago my Brother was totally dismayed to find out I did not carry a shovel in my car in the winter.  He immediately went and got one from the shed and put it in my trunk.  To this day he consistently asks if I still have a shovel in the trunk.  I do.  I also now have booster cables, a blanket, extra warm clothes, and a roadside emergency kit.  I had this same conversation with my young son.  He felt perfectly safe travelling as long as he has his cell phone with him - until I pointed out the obvious.  "What happens if you go off the road in an area where there is no cell service?"  Good point.  It's pretty simple to gather a few items and keep them on hand just in case.  Roadside safety kits and booster cables make great gifts by the way.  Word of warning though, if your safety items include candles and chocolate make sure you remove them from the vehicle before the July heat hits.  I found out the hard way how messy melted candles and chocolate in the glovebox can be.

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