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Border Crossing Attempts Are Out Of Control

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: September 9, 2020 09:31

There's Another Out Of Province Plate

Photo courtesy of Canva

Canadian Press has reported that since COVID-19 hit and the borders closed to non-essential travel that more than 18,000 foreign nationals, most of them American citizens, have been turned back at the border after trying to enter Canada to shop, sight see or visit people.  We've all heard about the Alaska loophole that allows US citizens to travel through Canada to get to Alaska and we've all heard of how many are abusing that privilege and using it as an excuse to come to Canada.  Do they not understand what closed means?  Do they think it doesn't apply to them?  Do they even care?  On the other side of this, Social media is flooded with posts about out of Province or out of Country license plates in town.  Without knowing any details, these "out of towners" are all painted with the same brush and shamed for being here.  Many of them are here working and have been here since before the pandemic hit.  We have a friend from Alberta staying with us that takes verbal abuse almost daily because he has Alberta plates on his car.  What people don't know is he tested negative before he came here, he self-quarantined for the required 14 days when he got here, and he's not just here for a holiday or sight seeing.  He is moving here to be closer to his 13 year old son.  I realize this isn't the case with all out of Province visitors but maybe we could try to be a little kinder and find out the background of their visit before we crucify them.


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