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Busted! Online Dating Fail

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: February 19, 2021 12:39

Did she make the right call?

I can not imagine what dating would be like in this day and age. Dating in my early 20's was an adventure of sorts, to begin with. With social media and all the dating apps out there right now, you can find basically everything you need to about a person. I have heard from friends who use dating apps about all the nightmares and struggles that come with dating online. It is common to get ghosted, harassed, cat-fished and just straight up lied to. 
A woman named Kimberly found out that not everything in a tinder profile is the truth. She was set to go on a date with a guy she matched with. After the date, this guy popped up on her *Suggested Friends* section on Facebook. She clicked and checked out his profile only to find out he was engaged. She confronted the guy, he claimed she had the wrong person. 
Kimberly took it a step forward, she got in contact with his Fiance. She sent the fiance screenshots of conversations and his tinder profile. 
Would you have done the same thing? Did Kimberly take it too far?



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