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Clueless Aunt Needs Gift Advice

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: October 16, 2020 12:00

Looking for a foolproof gift to give

This weekend I am going to visit my Niece for the first time in about a year. She is five years old and just awesome. So, I wanted to bring her a gift. As I stood in the toy sections of a store, I began to feel a bit overwhelmed. Toys are way different than what I had growing up. What does a five-year-old want these days? Then it dawned on me, I have so many friends that are currently pregnant and so many new babies in my life that I will have to start getting a grasp on good gift ideas for kids. Clothes seem like an overkill of sorts. As babies, they grow so quickly that half the time they only wear the outfit you got them once and then it's too small. As for toys, what if they already have it? What if it isn't age-appropriate or the parents don't approve? Can I be the Aunt that buys the kid a drumset or recorder and then run away? I have found a list of Non-toy gift ideas for kids that proved to be helpful as well!

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