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Fade Away Tattoos!

By: Jamie Harrison
Posted: May 3, 2021 17:45

A tattoo shop in NY has developed an ink that fades away within a year!

Anyone out there thinking that at the end of the pandemic they might wanna get a tattoo to help them remember the past almost two years?
Probably not. Maybe you want one for another reason but you’re scared and you think you might regret it.

    There’s a solution for that now and you can walk away with some fresh ink and have it fade away! Ephemeral Tattoos in Brooklyn, New York are now offering fading tattoos. They developed an ink called Ephemeral Ink, and over time it will fade from your skin. There’s some science involved and the long and the short of it is, normal tattoos your body can’t break down the dye that’s used.    

    With this, it’ll break down in roughly a year. So it’s almost like a trial period but no money-back guarantee, but a skin-back guarantee. That sounds weird. Do you think you’d do it? I think If I’m going all-in on a tattoo I’m going all in. Still haven’t found someone that will tattoo my entire body top to bottom like the power rangers Megazord, but one day!

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