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For A Phone He Sold His Kidney

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: November 20, 2020 12:11

Never put your health at risk for an electronic device

New phones, gaming consoles and the latest technology has taken over many people's lives. The need to have the latest and greatest consumes over anything else. One example of how far someone will go for the best in tech would have to be the case out of 2011, where a teenager sold his kidney for an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. The then 17-year-old from China sold his kidney on the black market for just over $3000 USD. The teen went home and his mother grew suspicious and had him confess to why and how he had these new electronics. Nine people involved in the operation were arrested and five had been charged with intentional injury and organ trading. Now in his twenties, the man has suffered organ failure and now he is bedridden and requires daily dialysis. As for the year 2020, the current demand revolves around the new PS5 Console and Xbox Console, which has been reported to both be sold out for the time being. 


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