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From Parenting Advice To Relationship Rants

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: June 8, 2021 13:35

Mom best friends

With today being National Best Friend's Day a new survey was released asking moms how important it is to have a best mom friend. 

The Zulily survey finds:

  • Nearly 30% of moms say they speak to their mom friends twice or more a day.
  • 84% stay in touch via texts, while 71% send fun memes and social media content.
  • The most important factors for modern-day friendships include:
    • Support (79%)
    • Humour (66%)
    • Patience (65%)

Moms, do you specifically seek friendship with other moms? 

The survey also showed that when things start to get back to "normal" a lot of moms are looking forward to hanging with their besties in person.

  • 40% of moms say the first thing they are planning to do with their friends is having a girls' night out.
  • 25% are planning to host a happy hour at home.

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