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Getting Ready For The Cold

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: September 19, 2020 16:28

Do you prefer the colder months or do you want to keep the heat?

Image Courtesy of Canva

  Now that it is September we’re going to see some chilly days. So far it has been fairly warm still but in the coming weeks and months, the temperatures are going to drop until we see snow on the ground. Do you prefer the colder months than the hot ones?

  Personally, I like the warm days where I can sit outside and not need a jacket but not so hot that I’m sweating buckets. Especially in Manitoba where the weather can change in a minute. I know many people want summer all year round but I don't mind a couple of those colder nights as the season's change and sometimes snow can be pretty. I’m not ready for winter but some days I just can’t take the heat. 

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