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Happy National Brisket Day!

By: Dan Everett
Posted: May 28, 2020 19:45

One of the tastiest ways to enjoy some local beef.

So, imagine my surprise when I check out the trending stories of the day, and today just happens to be NATIONAL BRISKET DAY! As a lover of food, I'm fairly convinced that brisket is one of the best ways to enjoy some local beef: it can be prepared in SO many ways, to your exact taste specifications, and it's good all year round...at almost any event!

Picture courtesy of bbqpitboys.com

This leads me to wonder, do you have a special brisket recipe? Do you grill it? Slow cook it? Smoke it low and slow? I wanna hear your recipes! Speaking of which, in my in-depth research on the subject, I stumbled across this recipe that I think I may try soon. 


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