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How Lucky Is This Woman?

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: January 8, 2021 10:41

Dreams really do come true.

I like to think there are different levels of luck. Maybe you are lucky that you have never received a speeding ticket or parking ticket. You can be lucky with scratch tickets or bingo. One person in British Columbia is the definition of lucky in my opinion. This past Monday, a woman in Nanaimo was walking on the sidewalk when a car sped past her and within moments, CASH started falling from the sky around her. I DREAM OF THIS! The woman didn’t get a plate number or vehicle description as the car did not stop, she picked up the cash and went to the local police. The RCMP says they’ve had no reports of lost money and the owner may not even be aware that the cash flew out the window.
The undisclosed amount of cash will be held for 90 days and, if the lawful owner isn’t found, the finder will get to keep the windfall.

The Full story can be found HERE.


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