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How To Send A Christmas Card To Our Troops Overseas

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: November 26, 2020 09:49

Must be received in Belleville ON, by December 9th

This holiday season will look different for a lot of people. One specific group of people will be our Canadian Armed Forces. For those who are deployed overseas right now, they most likely will not be home for Christmas. Spending several months in other countries for tours can take a toll on a military member. This holiday season, why not send them a card to let them know they are appreciated and missed. Sending a card to an Armed Forces member is simple. Postage is free and they all get mailed to one location to be sent out and distributed. Only letters and greeting cards are allowed—no parcels are being accepted, though Canada Post is generously providing the free delivery of letters and parcels sent to deployed members by family or friends.

The cards have to be received in Belleville by December 9 so they can be distributed to the troops in time for Christmas.

To send a holiday card to our troops, address it (stamped) to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member

PO Box 5004 Stn Forces

Belleville, ON

K8N 5W6




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