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I Should Just Toss This Old Thing Out

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: April 7, 2021 09:28

It's Worth HOW Much?

Photo courtesy of Canva

If you're like me you hang to things way longer than you should.  Every few years I purge the closets letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose.  I find myself wondering what I've tossed over the years that could have been worth some money.  A couple of stories out this week about some vintage toys that brought in big bucks.  Someone happened across a Super Mario Bros. game in a desk drawer that was purchased in 1986 and then tucked away and forgotten about.  The game is unopened and never used and recently sold for over $800,000 Cdn.  A rare comic book recently went for over three million dollars...yes I said 3 million.  It makes me want to scour the cupboards and closets again just to see what might be in there. 

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