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By: Dan Everett
Posted: October 15, 2020 23:11

I need to put that on a shirt

Ok, I get it. We're in a pandemic that seemingly has no end. Tensions are high, tempers are short, and everyone is afraid of contracting COVID-19, which is PERFECTLY understandable. Lord knows, I don't wan't to catch it, either. What I DO want, however, is for people to stop glaring at me every time I sneeze in public. (Before you ask, yes, I wear a mask in public places, always.)

I've got two words for those glaring people: SEASONAL ALLERGIES. I've had them the better part of my adult life, and while I've learned to deal with it, I've never been in a pandemic situation where the entire globe is fighting a virus. The catch? Sneezing, having an itchy nose, and being stuffed up are absolutely, positively NOT symptoms of Covid! All of the death glares I've gotten lately are for naught!

What I'm trying to say here, is when there's something insane like Covid floating everywhere, you need to be educated. Read up on the symptoms. Protect yourself, and those you care about. Wear masks. Most importantly, remember: that poor person who can't help but sneeze because he's stuffed up just wants to go about their business like everyone else.

For a complete list of Covid-19 symptoms, click here.  

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