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If 2020 Was A Zamboni

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: October 15, 2020 10:37

Used, slightly charred Zamboni for sale

Hockey fans have a passion that burns deep. The thrill of the game ignites all kinds of emotions, joy, rage, sadness. The fan is sometimes left with a fueled obsession to see their team do well and make the playoffs. Hockey fans and Canadians alike know that a crucial part of the game is the Zamboni driver. Children gawk in awe at the sight of the giant machine and its driver circling the ice. This week, a zamboni was the hot topic at a rink in upstate New York, literally. The machine burst into flames in front of dozens of parents and children. The incident happened before a youth hockey practice, no injuries occurred. The video captured shows the ice resurfacer leaking a red fluid and within seconds, flames erupted from under the machine.  The driver can be seen keeping his cool as he takes the engulfed machine back to the Zamboni bay to be extinguished. Not the first time a Zamboni driver has been on fire on the ice this year. 

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