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If We Don't Support Local This Holiday We'll lose Them

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: November 26, 2020 03:48

Are People Travelling Out Of Province To Shop for Non-Essentials?

If we don't support our small locals this Holiday Season, we'll lose them. 

If we don't support our small locals this Holiday Season, we'll lose them. 

     Sometimes when I get Home and I'm feeling stressed about Life, The Universe and Everything I think to myself "I Wonder how Dr. Brent Roussin is doing." With the caveat in place that I very much appreciate his efforts, patience and professionalism - you can see the frustration simmering at times within him. I certainly sensed it yesterday during his daily news conference when he reported that he's heard of people traveling outside of provincial borders to shop for non-essential goods. There have been reports of people traveling to Kenora Ontario on one side and Yorkton Saskatchewan on the other hunting for non-essential goods after the province banned the sale of those items last week. 

     “Our messaging has been really clear and the reasoning behind our messaging is really clear: the purpose behind all of these orders is to save Manitobans’ lives,” Roussin said. “Going around those orders puts Manitobans at risk.”

     I remember how excited Manitobans were to see license plates from Alberta and Quebec during the last wave.  

     Outside of that –Ninety-one per cent of small businesses in Manitoba say that it is critical for small business survival that people make an extra effort to shop local this year, according to the latest survey data by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). CFIB has teamed up with American Express to hold Small Business Saturday on November 28th, between Black Friday on the 27th and Cyber Monday on the 30th, and urges consumers to choose to shop small that weekend.  

      “It’s easy to default to big box stores and online giants on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But it’s the independent stores in our neighbourhoods that really, really need a boost this year—their futures depend on it. We’re asking consumers to help by making conscious choices this holiday season and maybe doing things a bit differently,” said Laura Jones, Executive Vice-President at CFIB. “I’ve heard some commit to only shopping at small business this season. Others are looking online to support small businesses in parts of the country that are locked down again even if that’s not where they live. If everyone makes an extra effort to support local more businesses will recover from the terrible hit they have taken.”

     If we don't support our small locals this Holiday Sesaon, we'll lose them.  Find a list of Local Businesses with Contactless options HERE.


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