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Is the Thermostat in your Home leaving you Hot and Bothered?

By: Trent Bartley
Posted: May 27, 2020 06:00

Turns out Men and Women are awfully different... who knew?!?

Two Hands on a Thermostat

Who controls the temperature in your Home?

 - A women rushes Home at the end of the day exclaiming "Pack your bags! I've won the LOTTERY!"

- The Husband excitedly responds, "Should I pack for warm weather or cold?"

-She says "Pack it all! You're leaving!"

     How familiar is this scenario? You're Freezing/Sweating on the sofa, straining your ears to catch the sound of your Partner adjusting the temperature... AGAIN! As soon as He/She strolls away you rise on Cats Feet and with the deft and shadowy skills of a true Urban Ninja to undo the damage! It turn out, you're not alone. As a matter of fact a British YouGov poll reveals that Women like it Hot (Sara may never let me live this down) while Men are down with the Cold. 

     It seems 44 per cent of Women admitted to having switched on or up the heat when their partner wasn’t paying attention, while 42 per cent of Men said they’d turned the temperature down or off on the sneak. The good news, it's NOT in retribution to how late you rolled in last night (though that DIDN'T help)  but instead because... we're just built differently? I feel like we should have known this...

     According to an article in Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, it's all about the SCIENCE. Women on average have less mass coupled with a lower metabolic rate, they need the heat while Men with their greater on average bulk and higher metabolic rate like it chill. 

     The Good New? In the LONG run... we balance out. After Women pass through Menopause and Men lose that youthful muscle mass we tend to meet in the middle. You're alllllmost there :). In the meantime? Guys, buy her LOTS of comfy sweaters. 


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