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It's Scam Season

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: November 18, 2020 09:34

I Can't Help But Have A Little Fun With Phone Scammers

Photo courtesy of Canva

It seems like every other day there is news of a new scam making the rounds.  The people behind these scams are relentless at trying to get their hands on our money.  Yesterday I received three separate phone calls from different 1-800 numbers.  Each call started with a recording telling me there had been some suspicious activity regarding a financial situation and I should remain on the line to have it verified.  The first call insisted there had been unauthorised purchases made on my Visa to which I responded "I don't have a Visa".  The caller stammered a bit and came back with "oh sorry, I meant Mastercard" and again I responded with "I don't have one".  I could tell by her voice she was becoming a bit exasperated with me and in a last ditch attempt she said “sorry I was wrong again, it was your debit card”.  I told her the scam wasn’t going to work on me and she quickly hung up.  The other two calls came from someone claiming to be the RCMP.  They also started with a recording suggesting suspicious activity on my cards and suggested I hold to speak with someone.  When they came on the line the woman said “RCMP how can I help you?”.  My response to that was “you tell me, you’re the one that called.”  She asked if I had been contacted regarding my SIN and some suspicious activity and when I said yes she asked for my name and SIN.  I told her if she called me and was aware of suspicious activity that she would already have that information, she hung up.  With all the scams going around you just can’t be too careful. Always ALWAYS get in touch with your financial institution yourself rather than give out personal information over the phone.


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