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Ally Mitchell

Kitchen Disasters

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: February 22, 2021 10:59

If I cooked it, you shouldn't eat it

Kitchen fails. They happen to the best of us. Last night, my husband came home after being gone for a week with work. He was sleep-deprived and slept for a few hours. Knowing he was tired and had a rough week, I decided I would cook dinner. Now, I am in no way a good cook. I am the one who bakes and my husband is the one who cooks. So I take out the chicken drumsticks, some veggies and a packet of sidekicks. I thought, let's make the chicken crispy! So I coated them in flour, cornstarch and spices. I decided I would steam the veggies, and get the sidekicks going. I bake the chicken not knowing for crispy skin with cornstarch, I'm supposed to fry it. It doesn't look right when I take it out of the oven so to try and save it... I slathered it in BBQ sauce.  At this point, the milk and water for the sidekicks boil over and coats my stovetop in burnt goo. The vegetables have been forgotten and have turned into a steamed pile of mush. My husband wakes up, comes downstairs and sees my attempt and the pile of pots and pans. I tell him that his sandwich will be a few minutes. When it comes to cooking, who in your family should avoid the kitchen? 


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