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Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: November 19, 2020 07:01

Who's Ready For Full On Snow?

Photo courtesy of Canva

The weather sure has been wonky lately.  We get a dump of snow, then warm weather and the snow disappears, then another dump, then it disappears again.  Let's face it, we live on the prairies and we've become quite accustomed to wild weather changes from day to day.  Only in Manitoba can we boast about using the air conditioning and the heat on the same day.  Only in Manitoba do we wear flip-flops well into November.  I'm not a fan of snow but I know many people who are and can't wait for the snow to fall and stay so they can partake in their favorite winter activities. I can't predict the weather but I can say with all certainty that Winter in Manitoba willl arrive and, even socially distanced,  those of you who love the season will be able to get out and enjoy it.

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