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Magnet Fishing In Westman

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: April 28, 2021 10:00

Which lake or river would be best?

Have you ever dropped something into a river or lake before? Perhaps you have lost a fishing lure or a pair of sunglasses. Maybe something more valuable like a wedding ring or a wallet. Aside from jumping in and trying to save the item, how would you ever get it back? I came across some youtube channels a couple of months ago that showed magnet fishing. Magnet fishing is basically what the name says. You get a strong durable magnet, attach it to some heavy-duty rope and toss it in. I have seen videos where the person pulls up bicycles, shopping carts, fishing lures, watches, lawnmowers and even some weapons. This piqued my interest so much that I went online and purchased a fishing magnet for myself. Based on what you know and experiences, where do you think I should take this fishing magnet in Westman?


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