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Passion Shown At City Council Meeting

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: September 8, 2020 09:48

Everyone Has A Mission In Life, His Involves Chicken Wings

Baked, deep-fried, tossed, dry and so on. Chicken wings are a staple in Canada. Whether you have it as an appetizer or a main meal. If you make them at home or head out on the town for classic wing night, everyone has a favourite flavour and style of chicken wing. Personally, I love a little bit of heat to my wings, I have had some very delicious wings from places like The Tavern and The Dock. Some people get so fired up about chicken wings that they go to their local City Council to make a public complaint /plea.  A man in Lincoln City decided enough was enough when it came to "boneless chicken wings".  Ander Christensen spoke at the city council meeting with the hopes to call on the city to “remove the name boneless wings from our menus” and replace it with a different label, such as “chicken tenders”, “wet tenders” or “saucy nugs”. 

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