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SNL Gives Morgan Wallen Another Shot

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: November 27, 2020 13:05

December 5th Morgan Wallen will be the musical guest

The second time is the charm when it comes to Morgan Wallen. A little less than two months ago the country music artist was set to make his SNL debut as the musical guest. Before the day of his performance, videos were circulating online showing Wallen partying with fans, kissing multiple women and being mask-less.  Those actions violated SNL's Covid-19 protocols which, led to Wallen being dropped from the sketch comedies lineup. After the news had broken that Morgan would not be performing, he issued this statement in a youtube video: "I think I have some growing up to do."
"You know, I think I've lost myself a little bit, I've tried to find joy in the wrong places, and, I don't know, it's left me with less joy. So I'm going to go try to work on that. I'm gonna take a step back from the spotlight for a little while and go work on myself."
Now Morgan Wallen will be making his SNL debut on December 5th.


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