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By: Leanne Doty
Posted: June 30, 2020 10:43

I Can't Help But Believe

Photo courtesy of Annette Oleksyn-Wylie Photography

When I was a little girl I was walking along the lakeshore with my Dad and found a feather.  I picked it up as my Dad explained to me that when you find a feather it means a loved one who has passed on is checking in on you and letting you know they are okay.  I've remembered that story all these years.  The picture above is a cloud that appeared in the sky the morning my Mother passed.  I know, amazing right?  I've also heard that butterflies are loved ones checking in on us.  It was late fall the year my Dad passed and I was in the yard cleaning up in anticipation of winter.  A monarch butterfly kept landing on me.  Everywhere I went the butterfly followed me and landed on me.  I laughed thinking it would be just like my Dad to keep dogging me to get my work done.  Whether it's ladybugs or finding dimes, butterflies or birds, whatever you believe in,  I hope it brings you the comfort it brings me to know my loved ones are near.


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