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Leanne Doty

The Best License Photo Ever

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: September 15, 2020 12:06

License, passport, school ID. Have you ever liked a photo ID picture?

If you have a divers license, chances are you are not the biggest fan of the photo. I have had many license photos taken due to moving or name changes. I can count on one hand how many government-issued ID photos I liked. My current driver's license after getting my maiden name changed is not one of those pictures. I did not think it was possible but a woman in Tennessee had THE BEST driver's license photo. but unfortunately, it isn't valid. She renewed her license online and when it arrived in the mail, the photo wasn't one of her but just a chair. That's right, just a chair that you sit in to get your picture taken. The DMV was able to correct the mistake in the end. 

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