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The Clumsiest People Have These Names According To New Data

By: Chip
Posted: October 18, 2020 06:18

Did your name make the list?


Would you consider yourself to be a clumsy person? Like do you often walk into things or have a lack of spatial awareness? 

If so then your name could be the reason. People with certain names may be more susceptible to accidents according to new data put together by Uplift Legal Funding, they have found the names of Men and Women who are considered clumsy or accident prone.

The Top 5 for Men are:

  1. Kyle
  2. Blake
  3. Brian
  4. Ryan
  5. Daniel

The Top 5 for Women are:

  1. Hailey
  2. Taylor
  3. Linda
  4. Barbara
  5. Kimberley

Did your name make the list?

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