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The Horticulture Hobby, Are You Doing It Right?

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: May 28, 2020 12:00

From Asparagus To Zucchini, Have You Started A Garden This Year?

It was a crisp sunny morning, caffeine was flowing through my veins, list at the ready, sanitizer coated my hands and the nearest person was 6 feet away. I wait.
The line slowly moved, I inched closer and closer to the front.
My mission was clear, get as much soil and all the seeds that I could fit into my cart.
This year has thrown many curve balls our way. How do we stay busy and productive while maintaining distance and caution?
My answer:  start a vegetable garden!
While venturing out to local greenhouses, it became clear I was not the only one with that answer.
While scrolling through Facebook I would notice people asking to do seed swaps and groups called “ Plant fairies”
Gardening became more popular than ever!
If you are a beginner like I am, you ask for advice, you do your research, you sweat and ach from hauling bags of soil and planting those seeds!
What are the essentials? What is an easy vegetable to grow?
If you are also like me, you told yourself you would start small this year. That was a lie, what started as a small adventure quickly grew as more plants were placed on my front step and more options became tempting. I now have: Cucumbers, zucchini, snap peas, beans, chili peppers, bell peppers, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. I also find myself outside every morning, coffee in hand, staring at my gardening with the hopes I see new growth and progress.
Advice and tips are always welcome.
Good Luck to all the other Beginners such as myself! May your garden be plentiful and may your sunburn be minimal.


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