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The Six Million Dollar Breakup

By: Ally Mitchell
Posted: September 11, 2020 12:00

Never married, no children together, a 14 year relationship and a costly breakup.

Everyone knows of someone who has gone through a messy breakup or divorce. Could be a family member, friend or even a neighbour. I have known couples that have gone through divorces and break ups, some were messy and some where mutual. If you are married or common law, things tend to get a bit messier. In Ontario, there is a case that proved that you don't have to be legally married or filed as common law to get "spousal support". Lisa Climans and Micheal Latner began a romantic relationship in 2001. Both parties were divorced with their own children. During the relationship they had their own seperate homes, never officially living together. They would travel together frequently and stay at eachothers residencies for periods of time.  Latner proposed several times and Climans would accept until Latner insisted she sign a marriage contract and had several drafts done up but Climans always refused. Latner paid off Climans mortgage, gave her credits cards, expensive gifts and money every month and also provided a "lavish lifestyle" for her children.  When the relationship ended in 2015, Climans asked the courts to recognize her as Latner's spouse for him to pay support. He fought against it saying she was a girlfriend. Once the trial came to a close, the judges decision was that despite not being married or filed as common law that they did infact lived under one roof for months at a time and ordered Latner to pay $53,077 a month for the next 10 years. The full story can be found here. 

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