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The Worst Christmas Candy

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: November 29, 2020 09:45

The list might surprise you…

Image Courtesy of Canva

With Christmas and the holidays coming up fast I started thinking about the different Christmas candies you can get now. There's a lot of really great stuff but what about the worst? I found a list that has the worst rated Christmas candy that you can get:

#10 Ribbon Candy

#9 Peppermint Bark

#8 Non-peppermint candy canes

#7 Hard candy mix

#6 Chocolate oranges

#5 Christmas peeps

#4 Reindeer Candy Corn

#3 Lifesaver Storybooks 

#2 Christmas Tree Nougats 

And number one is… Chocolate covered cherry cordials. 

Check out the full list HERE and the reasons they are the worst. 

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