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The Year For Handmade Gifts

By: Brittany Hamilton
Posted: November 27, 2020 19:25

2020 is the year to be creative and make it yourself.

Homemade Gifts

Image Courtesy of Canva

With non-essential items off the shelves and the holidays right around the corner, you might be stressing out about what to do for presents this year. I think that now more than ever is the time to get creative with your gifts or just make something yourself for the person you care about. Maybe bake them their favourite treats or make them something that they can hang on their wall like a collage. I think handmade gifts are really special because you took the time to make something and it's always nice to get something that's homemade. 

  If you don’t have the time though or just can't think of anything to make someone, don't worry! There are so many people and local businesses around Westman making the perfect gift that you can give. You can find customizable ornaments or clothing to give to your loved ones. There are a lot of amazing handmade items you can find this year and so many of them are right here in Westman! I know this year I’m going to make everyone something sweet to eat because it’s always the thought that counts and who doesn't like desserts?  

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