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Things You Always Wanted to Do

By: Leanne Doty
Posted: September 4, 2020 10:31

What's On Your Bucket List?

Photo courtesy of Canva

I see a lot of social media posts about goals and bucket lists.  Whether it's Fifty things you want to do before you're fifty,  things you want to accomplish this year,  or mini goals to make it through the day, your list is your list and should reflect who you are.  I have wanted to go to Hawaii ever since I was a little girl.  Trent B reminds me often that we have fabulous travel agents in town that could help me make it happen.  Ironically, pre COVID-19 this was actually in the works and this was the year I was going to get to cross Hawaii off my bucket list.  Good thing I'm patient, I've waited this long and I'll continue to wait until it's completely safe to travel again.  In the meantime I'll get to work on the other items on my list starting with cleaning out my spare room.  What's on your bucket list?  Whatever it is make sure you make it count.


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